Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here is where I'm at so far. I'm still blocking in the basic forms. Looking a little monkey-ish right now, but that will change.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 1 notes

Week 1 Notes:

Scale problem in zBrush.
Go through all your subtools and check to see that the export size is the same on each one.

Image planes:
In Photoshop put all your orthos in different layers. It works best for me to lay them on top of each other and use the transparency settings to make sure they all line up. Then find which side you like better and mirror it to the other side. This way when you are modeling you don’t have to worry about one side not matching since we really only model one side at first. Then lay out guides along all things that are boney landmarks, width and height of all major aspects. Then create a new layer and draw out the guides so you can save a image that will show your guides. It helps to turn your images grayscale and to bump up the contrast a little.

It also helps to label out each part of your model. This gives you a good understanding of exactly what you will need and help to break down how much time it will take.

Load you image into the texture pallet. Then go to the texture pull down menu and under image plane hit load image. Then go back to your texture pallet and turn off your texture so you don’t end up painting with your image. Import your base mesh and start pushing and pulling till you get your silhouette to match your image.

It helps to work in this order